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I propose a base technological package where the supply, dose, volume of water (the concentration of biological effectiveness), and the moment of application of each of the agricultural inputs to be used in production are specified (technical name, without commercial brand, in this topic the decision is only yours), the foregoing, based on the analysis of existing information, such as soil analysis, foliar analyzes, temperatures and solar radiation in the area where the farm is located.

The technological package that I propose contemplates two fundamental premises that differentiate me as an advisory entity. One is that only products that have clear justification for technical use will be included in the technological package (ie, justifications as I think, because I like it, because I have seen that, because I believe that, etc.) are ambiguous and therefore no product will be kept in the technological package by an argument like that. My proposal is to explain and justifies technically product by product each supplies recommended in the technological pineapple production package. The other premise of the technological package and associated with the previous one is that the technological pineapple production package must have the lowest possible quantity of agricultural supplies, which is compatible with the philosophy that every supply required by the pineapple agroecosystem makes the system inefficient (agroecosystem), so that an agroecosystem that requires fewer supplies to produce is a more profitable and competitive agroecosystem (farm / company). This measure is also an anti-corruption measure, since the technological package is made official with senior management and it is agreed that the technological package can only be modified by signing and clearly justifying a technical document that must be signed by the adviser, production manager and will be validated by the owner, board of directors or general management according to the organizational structure of the company. It is important to understand that if something is vulnerable to corruption and represents a significant drain of resources in the pineapple production budget it is the technological package and therefore it must always be under the microscope.