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All the previous advisory processes require time, which varies according to the participation and openness to change that superintendent have during the process, so that at each advisory visit I'm implementing topics and reviewing those that were implemented in previous visits, this allows superintendent to confirm that what is implemented is reviewed in the light of the same documents that they have, the way to do it is by executing the "receipts to satisfaction" that are scheduled for the week of advice, this helps conciliate criteria that have not been sufficiently clear in the processes of elaboration and discussion of the parameters to be measured and reviewed in the processes, in this way the superintendent assimilate the change of vision of the company, for this reason it is very necessary to involvement of the management or figure within the organization with authority to tell them ... over here is ...however, there is usually a fairly good opening of the superintendents, since this philosophy of administration of the processes of cultivation benefits them as well, since, in general, they suffer with the ambiguity of their bosses, so that having a document that tells them what, how, when, how much and with what, motivates them since they have something in writing to guide and defend themselves in their day to day. This process, to many superintendent, impels them to be better, perhaps because doing well in a review of their processes becomes an act of indirect motivation.