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I have developed a monitoring system that I call Crop Log Sanford modified, since it uses some concepts of the Pineapple Crop Log proposed by Sanford 1962, but it is modified in several aspects so that it is representative and functional for cultivation surfaces based on development groups of plantation. This monitoring system makes foliar analysis and pest sampling functional in every fresh pineapple producing company, so that these results are used objectively in the prudent and objective refinement of the production technological package, as well as to take timely corrective decisions. Additionally, the monitoring proposal considers an analysis of climate variables to manage and anticipate different phenomena in the crop, for example, a dynamic monitoring file is implemented to the temperatures that through the analysis of caloric units predicts the harvest dates to from forcing date, so that it becomes one of the most important operational management tools to predict with sufficient anticipation if some harvest groups are going to join and / or production gaps will occur due to this variable, avoiding surprises and collapse of the agricultural machinery required for the harvest, as well to anticipate with commercial strategies the lack of fruit in certain weeks.