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Once the operative goals are well defined and conciliated, the next step is to analyze the organizational operational chart (only technical / operational department, that is, the scope is only with the Production organizational chart), so that for each superintendent in the organization chart is built a manual of the position, which is basically one or several work instructions where all the processes that are assigned to each superintendent are parameterized and the way of executing each of the activities is defined (all in a way quantitative, measurable, quantifiable). Each of these instructions has an evaluation format at the end. As each surface (lot, block or section), which is being worked on or conditioned in the crop, goes through each one of the superintendent of the production department as if it were a process line inside a large factory called the pineapple farm. Is responsibility of the person who finishes his activities in each cultivation surface (that we can call minimum management units) to organize and coordinate a "receipt to satisfaction" of said surface by the next superintendent or colleague who receives the area to execute on this his specific activities, it is at this moment where each superintendent has the opportunity to receive or reject each surface if it does not meet the stipulated conditions in light of the instructions and the evaluation format. In this way and in these acts the ambiguity is eliminated and it is not reached until the end of the cultivation cycle to find (excuses or explanations) why the results are incompatible with the expectations raised.