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Although the pineapple cultivation  (cultivar MD-2) is a relatively recent activity, and the technological production package is possibly the result of a technological transfer of large transnational corporations, it has a large amount of information of high scientific rigor.


For this reason I have a library with very complete information with the highest level of scientific rigor, this makes me different when approaching the investigation of any topic of pineapple. So important is the methodological framework of a research, such as a good review of literature on the subject or variables that may influence the results of the field in some way.

The cultivation of pineapple has literature from approximately the year 1900 to the present, in all this literature are implicit the technical bases of the technological package of pineapple production, in it you can find the reason for many current production practices and technologies, for this reason I review it and do not underestimate any by the publication date. The analysis of this information allows me to focus in a more appropriate way all the research efforts, as well as to save a lot of time and resources.

The access and knowledge of all this information is what allows me to make solid recommendations in the field of advice to producers of pineapple, as well as in the field of research and development that I do for agronomic technology companies.