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The growth of the areas cultivated with tropical species, the increase in socio-environmental pressures and the stability of the markets, oblige the agricultural producer to have low production costs, clear productive processes, well-developed and well-defined monitoring and control methods, as well as technological and agronomic tools in line with the demands of the international market.

This is how I decided to dare to bring a practical and methodical solution to producers and entrepreneurs involved in the production of fresh pineapple for export. My academic training in nutrition, soil, phytosanity, plant physiology and almost 20 years of experience in technical, scientific and operational aspects in the production of this crop and many experiences of advices and consulting to different companies, agroecosystems and operational structures, give me all the confidence to propose the following strategic route to improve productivity, quality and lower the cost of production of companies dedicated to the cultivation of pineapple.